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Bitcaun Wallet Services

Get 7 in one wallet account

Bitcaun Wallet Services allow you to create wallets of most popular coins on the fly to use with your day to day crypto trading and trasactions.

Create Free wallets

Create Wallet addresses on click of a button and topup from any third party wallets. You can also buy and sell these coins and get paid in your local currency or bank accounts with Bitcaun P2P Network. Using Bitcaun Wallets is free of cost, with a small withdrawl fee incurred per withdrawl instance.

Marketplace Integrated

Bitcaun Wallet is seamlessly integrated with all of our marketplace services which gives you infinite capability to manage funds at centralized location.

Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Litecoin Stellar Dash

Not yet a future diver? Ready to dive into endless opportunities of cryptocurrency!

Create your Wallet in seconds
Bitcaun Wallet Services

Realtime Withdrawl

Deposite and Withdraw at Will

P2P wallets are standalone wallets which means if funds reached here, All transactions in and out are available on blockchain network to verify. No cap on withdrawl or deposits. Create unlimited wallets free.

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